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Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations

Regional transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) means an integrated program to optimize the performance of the existing infrastructure though implementation of multi-modal, cross-jurisdictional systems, services, and projects. These systems, services, and projects are designed to preserve capacity and improve security, safety, and reliability of transportation systems. Regional TSM&O projects include a diverse range of activities, as illustrated in the box to the right.

Regional TSM&O projects can help to link planning and operations in a number of ways. If an MPO leads an operations-oriented project, for example, MPO planners often work closely with operations agencies, and develop a better understanding of operations in the process. The involvement of planners helps to ensure that regional TSM&O projects are adequately supported in the long-range planning and programming process. As long-range plans focus more on maximizing the efficiency of a mature system using regional TSM&O projects, planners will require the involvement and expertise of operations practitioners. Regional TSM&O projects can also educate operations managers about broader regional planning and policy objectives that cut across modes and jurisdictions.

The following links provide examples of programs and project areas where regional TSM&O can be implemented:

Getting Started: Implementing TSM&O Projects

Nearly every regional TSM&O project can help to strengthen the planning and operations link in some way. Indeed, the very existence of regional TSM&O projects is often an indication that some coordination between planning and operations is already occurring within a region. Through the ongoing implementation and expansion of regional TSM&O projects, planning and operations coordination will continue to evolve in a productive manner.

The links at the top of this page provide examples of implementing regional TSM&O in specific programs and projects.

Cross-cutting Regional Implementation Actions

The following short-term actions apply to a wide range of regional TSM&O programs. These are some examples of how agencies can focus on using existing TSM&O projects to build a broader regional link between planning and operations.


Additional Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Publications

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